Three Piece Suit Vest: A Comprehensive Guide to Elegant and Unique Suiting

Three Piece Suit Vest

Three piece suit vest may not be everyday attire, but it’s a worthwhile investment for the fashion-forward. These suits are essential for men at formal events and special occasions. At LANA TAILOR, our three-piece suits always offer customers fresh experiences and tremendous advantages. If you’re in search of a unique three-piece suit to wear, don’t miss out on the article below!

What is a Three Piece Suit Vest?

Three Piece Suit Vest, also known as a 3-piece suit, is essentially a two-piece suit with the addition of a waistcoat (in English) or “gilet” (in French), commonly referred to as a “vest” in Vietnam. The Three Piece Suit Vest is designed with the vest or gilet to be worn underneath the suit jacket on the outside.

Three Piece Suit Vest

A suit is a complete outfit consisting of a suit jacket and dress trousers. The suit is always tailored from the same fabric and material. However, in Vietnam, most people often confuse a suit with a vest. Nevertheless, this is a basic misunderstanding in fashion standards. A suit is a complete outfit, whereas a vest (also known as a waistcoat or gilet) is actually just one of the three pieces of a 3-Piece Suit.

Referred to as a Three Piece Suit Vest because:

Firstly, a three-piece suit epitomizes the classic style favored by fashion enthusiasts who never go out of trend. Secondly, a Three Piece Suit Vest achieves a balanced proportion from the collar to the shoulders of the jacket, down to the chest and waist. This forms the connection between the jacket (outermost layer) and the tie or shirt. Lastly, a Three Piece Suit Vest is crucial for creating layers and depth to the overall outfit.

When paired with an overcoat or trench coat, a Three Piece Suit Vest always exudes sophistication and allure. Thus, it’s evident that a three-piece suit creates beautiful layers in fashion.

Three Piece Suit Vest offers an exciting experience

The utility and immaculate beauty that suits bring cannot be denied. They not only exude elegance but also instill a certain level of confidence in men as they step out onto the streets, head to work, attend dates, or crucial meetings. Therefore, the Three Piece Suit Vest has become a staple in every man’s wardrobe.

Three Piece Suit Vest

For every customer visiting LANA TAILOR, having a Three Piece Suit Vest tailored, which includes trousers and a waistcoat, is always encouraged. Because each three-piece suit offers numerous advantages, such as:


A Three Piece Suit Vest easily adapts to any situation. You can effortlessly remove the outer jacket while still maintaining a polished look when paired with a shirt and waistcoat. If the weather is too hot, the waistcoat and shirt combination remains a perfect choice for you.

You can absolutely wear a Three Piece Suit Vest like a two-piece ensemble. Such versatility allows you to dress for even more occasions. Opt for three-piece suits in shades of navy or gray for outings, work, or event attendance. They can be easily adjusted to resemble a two-piece outfit for other occasions.

Three Piece Suit Vest

Three Piece Suit Vest made from smooth, single-color fabrics or subtle patterns are perfect choices for company presentations and important conferences. Meanwhile, a black three-piece suit is more suitable for funerals or other highly formal events, especially when paired with a black tie.

When using a Three Piece Suit Vest as formal wear, consider selecting pieces with different colors or intricate patterns. A Three Piece Suit Vest exudes confidence, maturity, and success—a demeanor every gentleman aspires to possess and achieve.

Keep the body warm

Three Piece Suit Vest

You may not notice this, but thinner layers can often keep you warmer than thicker ones. That’s why wearing a three-piece suit can help block the wind and keep you warmer on cold, windy days outdoors.

Distinctive style statement

The combination of a waistcoat and a dress shirt always exudes sophistication while still emanating a masculine and refined charm for gentlemen. You’ll look stylish and trendy when wearing three-piece suits.

Three Piece Suit Vest

Enhanced silhouette: The Three Piece Suit Vest is known for its ability to enhance the silhouette, especially for gentlemen of more modest stature. With a well-fitted ensemble and appropriate accent details, a three-piece suit will undoubtedly make your figure appear more balanced.

Professional appearance: Even without wearing an outer jacket, the vest in a Three Piece Suit Vest is sufficient to maintain your professional appearance in the eyes of others.

The principles of styling a Three Piece Suit Vest

Color coordination in dressing

Blue color

If you’re considering buying a Three Piece Suit Vest, then navy blue would be an excellent choice. It offers versatility, a timeless appeal, and complements most skin tones. For important occasions and office wear, opt for a solid navy blue fabric. You can add subtle sophistication with fine pinstripe patterns. Pairing a navy blue three-piece suit with a white dress shirt, a striped blue tie, and refined brown lace-up shoes creates a stylish and sophisticated look.

Three Piece Suit Vest

A navy blue three-piece suit is a great way to inject some freshness into your wardrobe. Meanwhile, lighter shades of blue are suitable for daytime events. On the other hand, darker navy tones are more appropriate for evening gatherings. Don’t forget to pair it with a white or gray pocket square to add a touch of elegance to your outfit while still maintaining the necessary sophistication.

White color

Three Piece Suit Vest

A white suit is the boldest fashion statement you can make. Pair it with a black dress shirt, a silk tie, and black shoes. Additionally, consider opting for a white waistcoat and a contrasting-colored dress shirt. In doing so, you’ll also need to keep accessories minimal to maintain a sleek appearance.

The black color

Three Piece Suit Vest

Due to its dark color and intricate design, a black Three Piece Suit Vest exudes a distinct, glossy, and elegant appearance. It serves as an excellent choice for most formal and official occasions. A black Three Piece Suit Vest can be worn at weddings, award ceremonies, evening receptions, and much more. When opting for such a dark suit, ensure that the rest of your attire doesn’t clash with the color scheme.

The grey color

When choosing a grey Three Piece Suit Vest, it’s essential to consider color coordination. Grey ensembles can be paired with various colors, so selecting the right hues for you is crucial. For instance, when opting for grey, pairing it with a light blue dress shirt and a dark green tie can be a winning combination. This styling tip will draw additional admiration to your appearance.

Three Piece Suit Vest

The rest of the outfit doesn’t need to be overly colorful; keep everything relatively neutral. In particular, you can pair a grey suit with a white dress shirt for formal occasions or a pink dress shirt for more casual coffee outings with friends. As for shoes, black shoes are still preferred to enhance the sophistication and highlight the beauty of the grey suit.

The brown color

Three Piece Suit Vest

To elevate your contemporary fashion look, consider opting for a brown suit. Brown ensembles have been prominently featured on both domestic and international fashion runways. A deep brown Three Piece Suit Vest paired with a white or gray dress shirt, a navy blue or dark brown tie, and matching-tone Oxford shoes can create a standout ensemble. It can be said that this is the most unique Mix and Match in the color-coordinating principles of Three Piece Suit Vest.

The principles of buttoning and unbuttoning a Three Piece Suit Vest

Similar to basic two-piece suits, three-piece suits also come with single and double-breasted designs. The double-breasted option is chosen for the highest level of formality. Additionally, if you desire a more robust or fuller figure, opt for a U-neck waistcoat. This showcases refinement and uniqueness in every detail. Conversely, if you aim to appear taller and slimmer, choose a V-neck design!

Buttoning the waistcoat may seem like a trivial matter, not requiring much attention. However, there are specific rules to follow. For instance, the positions to button or leave unbuttoned include:

Top button: Optional (for a 3-button waistcoat) Middle button: Always button when standing and unbutton when seated Bottom button: Usually left unbuttoned.

Ensuring proper fit

Ensure that your Three Piece Suit Vest fits well and that you feel comfortable wearing the waistcoat underneath the suit jacket. Pay attention to ensure that the waistcoat covers the waistband of your trousers without extending too far down. Failing to achieve a proper fit can result in discomfort while wearing this type of attire.

Don’t hesitate any longer, come straight to LANA TAILOR to get yourself a set of incredibly elegant three-piece suits, to fully embrace the beauty and convenience of this attire! With a team of experienced tailors and unique tailoring techniques, along with the best warranty policy, LANA TAILOR will surely provide satisfaction in both product quality and tailoring services for customers.

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