What is a Tailor Suit or Bespoke Suit?

Tailor suit

The fashion revolution driven by the “industrial” era has seen many major brands investing heavily to capture market share, and the fast-paced modern lifestyle has led ready-to-wear suits to find their place in the convenience-driven world of 4.0 technology. However, two questions warrant deep consideration:

  1. No two individuals are identical, not even identical twins.
  2. The proportion of “mannequin” models is minuscule. Vietnamese body types differ significantly from the Western “standard.”

Therefore, tailor suit or bespoke suits, which inherently involve “custom-made suits,” continue to demonstrate their importance when weighing “VALUE vs CONVENIENCE.” Let’s explore this based on the two distinct concepts.

A.  Ready-to-wear Suit

Tailor suit

As a ready-made suit, you simply purchase and wear it without the need for customization. At this point, you’re likely to encounter duplicates, making it challenging to find a complete suit tailored to your preferences (color/material/style/fit). Generally, the price of “Ready-to-wear” suits is not excessively high, and they are readily available in fashion stores in the market.

B. Tailor suit

A tailored suit is crafted by artisans, with many steps entirely done by hand. Unlike “Ready-to-wear,” a tailored suit represents a vividly immersive world of craftsmanship.

Tailor suit

Bespoke refers to garments such as suits, tuxedos, or shirts that are completely tailor-made. Each piece is individually crafted based on the customer’s measurements using a pattern. In addition to optimizing body proportions, customers have complete flexibility to customize according to personal preferences in terms of fabric, color, and style, epitomizing the concept of “one piece of fabric for one customer.

7 Unique Values of a Tailor Suit

  1. Precision tailoring based on body measurements, creating a personalized pattern or “individual profile” for each customer.
  2. You stand out uniquely with differences in size, color, material, and patterns. A product rich in artisanal value, crafted through numerous entirely handmade stitching processes.Exquisite and precise fitting, approaching the ideal standards of perfection.
  3. A product rich in artisanal value, crafted through numerous entirely handmade stitching processes.
  4. Exquisite and precise fitting, approaching the ideal standards of perfection.
  5. Access to rare fabric options (such as Vicuña, Baby Cashmere), which are challenging to find in ready-to-wear suits.
  6. The tailoring process involves multiple fittings to ensure absolute perfection in fit.
  7. Embodies timeless fashion values that transcend trends.

Tailor suit

In the midst of the Ready-to-wear versus Tailor suit battle lies the realm of Made to Measure (MTM), often shadowed by small tailors under the Bespoke label. Made to Measure involves customized tailoring and personal adjustments, but it uses standardized patterns based on general sizes, which may not achieve the same level of completeness as a Tailor suit.

On a broader level, opting for a “Bespoke Suit” is engaging in a true art form. However, not everyone has the financial means to step into luxurious shops on Savile Row or the time for month-long “suit-touring” expeditions.


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