Tailor made in Hoi An, The Top Choice for Affordable and Stunning Attire in Hoi An: 2024

Tailor made in Hoi An

Ensuring a custom-made outfit is essential during your Vietnam stay, given the reasonable prices and top-notch quality that matches global standards. Hoi An, renowned as the tailoring hub of the world, offers an abundance of excellent tailor shops for your perusal.. While in Vietnam, seize the amazing chance to have exquisite garments crafted by tailor made in Hoi An. You’ll be glad you did!

Tailor made in Hoi An

For many of us, acquiring impeccably tailored garments seems financially out of reach. In the UK, a custom formal dress can begin at approximately £100, excluding material expenses, frequent fittings, or additional embellishments!

Tailor made in Hoi An

However, in Vietnam, the expense of tailoring clothes is significantly lower, while maintaining a remarkably high standard of quality in the finished products.

During our visit to Hoi An, we initially had no plans to indulge in tailored clothing. However, we departed with 2 suits. While we explored two Hoi An tailor shops, this article will highlight our delightful experience at the second one.

Our Encounter with Lana Tailor: A Tailoring Journey

Situated along the bustling main street of Hoi An’s Old Town, Lana Tailor stands out as an ideal destination for tailored attire. Positioned prominently at the street’s apex, it’s conveniently accessible, alleviating the potential confusion amidst the multitude of tailor shops in Hoi An.

Our initial stop at a tailor made in Hoi An left much to be desired in terms of dress options available in their design catalog. Consequently, I found myself somewhat disheartened, fearing the possibility of not finding something to my liking.

Tailor made in Hoi An

Continuing our quest, we discovered that the staff at Lana Tailor were remarkably accommodating, budget-conscious, and exceedingly patient – fulfilling all our requirements!

When engaging with a Hoi An tailor (often referred to as cloth shops), several factors come into play: cost, time, fitting options, and, naturally, quality. Fortunately, our encounter at Lana Tailor exceeded expectations in all these aspects, earning my enthusiastic recommendation.

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Undoubtedly, cost plays a significant role in selecting the right tailor made in Hoi An. The essence of acquiring bespoke clothing in Vietnam is to enjoy savings compared to home prices, so it’s crucial to bear that in mind when placing your orders.
Fortunately, the garments you commission will likely be more economical than most purchases you’ve made previously. While you could acquire fifty items from retailers like Pretty Little Thing or SHEIN, let’s face it – these mass-produced clothes often lack durability and craftsmanship. They’re not tailored to your body like the garments skillfully crafted by a Hoi An tailor, and the joy of a perfectly fitting dress is unparalleled. Once you experience it, reverting to off-the-rack purchases becomes less appealing – though my bank account might disagree now that we’ve left Vietnam!
Tailor made in Hoi An
At Lana Tailor, dress prices range from as little as $15 for a simple design to around $70 for something more elaborate. For a three-piece suit, prices vary from $80 to $200.
Remarkably, these prices encompass all materials (fabric, zippers, buttons, etc.) and fittings. Mimi and Tuyền devote their time to ensuring your complete satisfaction before you depart.


I highly recommend paying a visit to Lana Tailor on your initial day in Hoi An. Their production turnaround is impressively swift – if your desired design is relatively straightforward and you’re decisive, they can have your garments ready within a few hours!

However, if you’re particular like me (and that’s perfectly fine, considering these clothes are meant to fit like nothing else you’ve worn before), it’s wise to allocate a few extra days in case additional adjustments are needed.

Because Lana Tailor specializes in fully bespoke items, investing time in planning your preferences is essential. You can bring your own designs for the experts to review, or peruse their tablet loaded with Pinterest for endless inspiration.

Tailor made in Hoi An

Personally, I spent a good couple of hours exploring various styles, colors, and fabrics. Since I intend to wear these dresses to upcoming weddings, getting the designs just right was crucial. Staffs were incredibly patient, offering valuable advice on flattering colors, the ideal length of splits, and even comparing buttons to zippers – it felt quite regal, to be honest!

Take the time to ensure everything is perfect, but even if you’re pressed for time with only a few days to spare, rest assured, our beloved Hoi An tailor will craft something exquisite within your timeframe. It’s practically like witnessing magic!

For those with more leisurely schedules, a useful tip is to commence your shopping escapade early in the day or during the late afternoon to early evening. Many Hoi An tailor shops remain open until around 9 pm, allowing you to explore without being hindered by the scorching heat. I found our fittings at 6 pm much more comfortable compared to our midday arrival. Plus, fewer customers around means your tailors can focus solely on you.


We found ourselves returning for several fittings, mainly because I had erred on the side of caution with length and size – it’s far simpler for them to adjust something smaller than to enlarge it. Sometimes, these fittings occurred mere hours after my initial try-on. Remarkably, our suit alterations were completed on the same day as well!

Although your Hoi An tailor will take your measurements initially, this serves merely as a starting point to gauge your body shape and size. In most cases, a second fitting is necessary to refine the outfit properly. Remarkably, one of my dresses required no adjustments, a true testament to their expertise. However, it’s prudent to anticipate at least two fittings.

Tailor made in Hoi An

Don’t hesitate to communicate any discomfort or changes in preference to your Hoi An tailor. While major alterations, like a change in color after the suit is completed, may incur additional costs, minor adjustments like altering the length are typically accommodated. Remember, tailor made in Hoi An are seasoned professionals, possessing invaluable insights into what works best.

For instance, initially, I requested a zipper on one of my dresses. However, staff wisely advised against it, explaining how the material’s characteristics might pose discomfort. After trying on the dress sans zipper, her foresight became apparent. While it’s your vision, it’s worthwhile to heed the advice of these seasoned experts.


What to expect from tailor made in Hoi An?


Upon entering a tailor shop in Hoi An, you should be met with a dazzling array of fabrics, patterns, and designs. A reputable establishment will eagerly showcase their offerings, so it’s concerning if everything is tucked away out of sight. This transparency is key to ensuring you find the perfect materials and styles for your bespoke garments.

Tailor made in Hoi An

Lana Tailor takes pride in being one of the premier tailor shops in Hoi An. When I found it challenging to make a decision, Lana’s staffs kindly suggested exploring their warehouse for an even broader array of options. Ultimately, I discovered the perfect fabric without needing to venture there, but it’s worth noting the availability of this additional resource.

Many tailor shops display mannequins outside and within their premises adorned with their finest creations. Take your time to examine these displays, as they provide valuable insight into the quality and craftsmanship you can anticipate from the establishment.

Design and Quality of Ready-Made Items

During our last visit to Lana Tailor, Lana’s staff presented me with the surprise dress, and I instantly fell in love with it! This experience highlights that if you’re not particularly imaginative or find designing from scratch daunting, you can simply browse the shop’s displays for inspiration. It’s a remarkably efficient way to discover beautiful clothing with minimal planning.

Tailor made in Hoi An

Take a close look at the pre-made items offered by your Hoi An tailor. Do they offer a diverse range of designs, or do they specialize in one style? Assess the quality of the materials – are they of high caliber? Examine the stitching, buttons, and zippers as well.

One of the aspects we appreciated about Lana Tailor was their comprehensive range of materials. She dedicated ample time to assist me in exploring the various fabrics, layering them across my body to assess their texture, appearance, and suitability for different garment parts.


Reviews are highly subjective, especially when it comes to tailor shops, as everyone’s preferences, budgets, and expectations vary. However, as a general guideline, reviews can offer valuable insights into the product quality and level of customer service you can anticipate.

Sorting through the numerous reviews for every Hoi An tailor can be overwhelming, given their abundance. A useful strategy is to filter out any reviews that are less than 5 stars – with such fierce competition, there’s no need to consider lower-quality establishments.

Tailor made in Hoi An

While perusing reviews, pay attention to any mentions of subpar product quality from a Hoi An tailor. It’s important to remember that once you’ve left Vietnam, it may not be feasible to return and seek a refund if your garments deteriorate quickly.

Remember to share your own feedback by leaving a review, especially if you patronize a small business like Lana Tailor. These establishments depend on platforms like TripAdvisor for their exposure, lacking the sizable budgets of more renowned stores for website maintenance or advertisements. Just a few moments of your time could make a significant difference and would be greatly appreciated by the staff at the Hoi An tailor shop who work diligently to create your exquisite garments!

Customer Service

Feeling at ease with the staff handling your custom tailoring is paramount, as they need to grasp your preferences and specifications accurately. Customer service transcends mere salesmanship – it entails genuine assistance and a sincere desire for you to acquire the finest products possible.

During our Hoi An excursion, we visited multiple tailors, with the first one boasting higher TripAdvisor ratings than Lana Tailor. Despite our initial anticipation, we left feeling somewhat disappointed. The staff appeared preoccupied with existing orders, leaving us feeling overlooked upon our arrival. It’s disheartening when you’re eager to make a purchase, yet struggle to garner attention in the shop.

Tailor made in Hoi An

Our experience at Lana Tailor was a complete contrast. Lana’s staff warmly welcomed us upon arrival, extending an invitation to browse her shop without any sense of pushiness. She graciously offered us cold water, showcased various suit materials, and even provided a comfortable seat for us to peruse Pinterest. It was evident that we were valued as customers, and this significantly enhanced our overall experience.

Keep in mind that until you’ve committed to an order, you’re free to explore other options. Seek out establishments like Lana Tailor, where the staff are dedicated to ensuring your comfort, relaxation, and inspiration. Never feel obligated to purchase something unless it truly resonates with you!

Commonly Asked Questions

How to Locate a Reliable Hoi An Tailor?

A crucial aspect of locating a reputable Hoi An tailor is by seeking out establishments with outstanding reviews or receiving recommendations from trusted sources. We opted for Bong Tailor and can attest to their exceptional quality, pricing, and customer service!

What is the Cost of a Tailored Suit in Hoi An?

The price range for a well-crafted tailored suit in Hoi An typically falls between $80 and $200. However, factors such as the choice of material, additional features, and specific customization requests can influence the final cost.

What Vietnamese Town is Renowned for Custom-made Clothing?

Hoi An is renowned for its tailoring expertise and abundance of cloth shops!

What is the Timeframe for Crafting Tailored Clothing in Hoi An?

While it’s possible to have tailored clothes made in Hoi An within a few hours, it’s advisable to allocate at least 2 days to accommodate any additional fittings.


Lana Tailor stands as a beacon of excellence within Hoi An’s bustling tailoring scene. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, attentive customer service, and a diverse range of materials and designs, Lana Tailor exceeds expectations at every turn. Whether you’re seeking a bespoke suit, a tailored dress, or any other personalized garment, Lana Tailor’s skilled team is dedicated to bringing your sartorial vision to life. From the moment you step into their shop to the final fitting, you’ll experience a level of professionalism and care that sets Lana Tailor apart. For those embarking on a journey to Hoi An, Lana Tailor promises an unforgettable tailoring experience, leaving you with beautifully crafted garments and cherished memories to last a lifetime.

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