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Personal Tailor

Personal tailor services offer an experience that helps you look polished and truly attractive. For centuries, custom tailoring has been favored and trusted by customers. Join Lana Tailor to explore the details in the article below.

What are personal tailor services?

Made to Measure (MTM) tailoring services provide fashion items designed specifically for an individual. Custom tailoring refers to meticulously cut garments that reflect a personal touch. This is a premium service for those with a unique fashion sense.

Personal Tailor

With personal tailor services, garments are custom-made according to the client’s measurements. The finished products will match the customer’s specifications precisely. Body measurements must be taken accurately from the client, without adjustments from pre-existing templates.

Why should you choose personal tailor services?

Everyone has unique body characteristics. Height and measurements vary from person to person. Off-the-rack clothing cannot meet the needs of every customer. Therefore, personal tailor is the perfect solution to address this issue.

Save Time

To find a satisfactory outfit, many people have to visit dozens of different stores. Ready-made clothes come in standard sizes and similar designs. For example, you might like the style of a shirt but not the color, or a size L dress might be too loose while size M is too tight. This shopping method consumes a lot of time and effort. You might leave empty-handed or settle for something less than ideal.

Personal Tailor

Instead, go straight to a reputable tailoring service. The staff will take your measurements and note all your requirements. The finished outfit will match your wishes exactly.

Make a Statement

Clothing is not just for covering your body; it also helps express your style. With personal tailor services, you have full control over this. Ready-made garments typically offer uniform quality, whereas personal tailoring allows you to choose the quality you desire.

Personal Tailor

You can select the fabric, style, and embellishments based on your preferences and budget. This ensures you feel confident and comfortable with the quality of the product.

Ensure a Perfect Fit

Personal Tailor
A well-fitting outfit should complement your body shape

You can easily buy good, stylish ready-made clothes at a store. But are they truly suitable? A well-fitting outfit should complement your body shape, enhance your complexion, and hide flaws, helping you feel confident and radiant. As the saying goes, “Clothes make the man,” and you will be completely satisfied with a design tailored specifically for you.

Support for Planned Shopping

When visiting fashion stores, many people tend to shop impulsively. You may buy multiple garments but end up never wearing them. This could be because you never find the right occasion, lack coordinating pieces, or simply because your preferences change!

With personal tailor services, you take control of your spending. You plan the fabric, style, design, and completion time. Therefore, you’ll spend more judiciously and efficiently.


Considerations for Personal Tailor Fashion

To achieve the most satisfactory custom-designed outfit, pay attention to the following:

Relax your body, breathe evenly, and avoid sucking in your stomach, as this can distort measurements. If ordering a custom vest for women, opt for a bra style you frequently wear to maintain breast stability. Wear the type of shoes you typically wear. The tailor will adjust the length of pants or skirts to fit your height. Communicate with the tailor about any desired alterations to better suit your body.

Personal Tailor

They will take clear notes or offer better alternatives. When being measured, avoid wearing dresses or jeans, as there can be significant differences in measurements between tailored pants and jeans. Wear clothing that fits your body closely. This helps the tailor take accurate measurements and understand your preferences better. Custom-made clothing may sometimes feel looser or tighter than your actual measurements due to fabric stretching during laundering. Within the allowable margin of error, you can request adjustments from the tailor without compromising the garment’s overall fit.

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A reputable and high-quality provider of personal tailor services

Understanding the demand for personal tailor services, Lana Tailor Shop was established to meet professional tailoring needs. As a young brand, Lana Tailor Shop aims to celebrate individual values. We aspire to ensure customer satisfaction and delight with designs tailored specifically for each client.

Personal Tailor
Lana Tailor Shop was established to meet professional tailoring needs

Currently, Lana Tailor Shop offers the following services:

  • Tailoring of European-style suits
  • On-site tailoring services
  • Care and dry cleaning for European-style suits
  • Tailoring of corporate uniforms

Among these, suit tailoring is Lana Tailor Shop’s expertise. Our suits are meticulously designed, with attention to every stitch. Wearing one of our suits exudes elegance and sophistication for gentlemen. Despite the complexity and time-consuming nature of suit tailoring, Lana Tailor Shop commits to swift completion for our customers. For those interested in bespoke suit tailoring, please contact our hotline: 02353 939 379.

Personal tailoring services have become an integral part of the fashion world. Lana Tailor Shop hopes that this service will continue to grow to meet customer needs.


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