Secrets to choosing the right mens summer vests

mens summer vests

For each different type of weather, it’s necessary to select appropriate attire that not only makes the wearer feel comfortable but also has aesthetic appeal. Join LANA TAILOR to discover why it’s essential to choose mens summer vests, the secrets to selecting mens summer vests, and to buy the perfect mens summer vests at LANA TAILOR in this article.

Why is it necessary to choose mens summer vests?

Physiologically, men’s sweat glands tend to be more active than women’s, so when summer arrives, most gentlemen prefer to put away their formal suits in favor of more comfortable and breathable attire like pullovers and light, airy shirts.

mens summer vests
Why is it necessary to choose mens summer vests?

However, due to professional demands, not everyone can afford to forego wearing a suit for more comfortable and casual clothing options. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to select summer suits that not only ensure comfort but also maintain a level of decorum and formality.

Secrets to Choosing mens summer vests


mens summer vests

During the spring-summer season, the weather is no longer as cold as in winter, but not yet as hot as in summer. Therefore, when choosing fabrics for this season, you should focus on selecting materials woven from natural cotton fibers, with a high cotton content such as lightweight, breathable, and thin poplin fabric to ensure coolness. The fabric should have a thickness that is sufficient to keep the body warm during the cooler weather but also ensure breathability as it moves into summer.


mens summer vests

For the style, slim-fit single-button vests and double-breasted vests are often favored during the summer season. These styles maintain the formal and elegant look required of a vest while also exuding a youthful and not overly bulky appearance, avoiding being too flashy.


mens summer vests

In the hot summer weather, a vest in neutral tones is always a good choice for gentlemen. Colors like beige, deep blue, dark gray, and black are currently trending choices for most men because they can be worn in any situation, whether it’s for work, parties, or social gatherings with friends.


Besides colors, patterns also play a significant role in shaping each individual’s fashion style. Patterns such as checkered, striped, floral, or military prints can bring you a completely fresh experience.

mens summer vests

Don’t confine yourself to the conventional, as fashion is about creativity, and each individual is the element that contributes to it through their own thoughtful selection and combination of attire.


Beauty doesn’t always come with a high price tag, nor does it have to be associated with renowned fashion brands to suit you. Instead, opt for attire from reputable brands that align with your personal style.

mens summer vests

If you’re not fond of ready-made clothing, you can opt for custom tailoring or explore current fashion trends to create a wardrobe that enhances your masculinity and physique, tailored to your preferences.

Choosing the appropriate style

Besides solid-colored vests that may feel plain, if you’re a stylish individual, there are plenty of options to elevate your personal style while maintaining the necessary elegance. Combining a vest with rolled-up trousers and sneakers can bring about significant inspiration.

mens summer vests

In addition to outfit combinations, experimenting with colors can also yield equally effective results. Instead of the usual black, navy, or neutral tones, consider trying on a beige vest.

Many men might hesitate due to concerns about appearing less masculine, but what matters most is confidence in one’s own style. Besides beige, colors like peach pink, camel brown, burgundy, forest green, moss green, smokey gray… are also bold choices for vests.

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