How to wear a women vest without looking old

How to wear a women vest without looking old

The vest is an essential item for office ladies. However, not everyone knows how to mix and match clothes or how to wear a vest properly. If you don’t know how to style this outfit, you might end up looking older than your actual age. To dispel the misconception about vests, today LANA TAILOR will reveal How to wear a women vest without looking old.

Do you know How to wear a women vest without looking old?

Picking the wrong style

When wearing a vest, many of LANA’s ladies may feel quite disappointed as they perceive themselves to look older, less vibrant, and less beautiful compared to other outfits. Therefore, they may hesitate to wear vests. But don’t worry, just knowing how to choose a vest that suits your body type is already half the battle won.

How to wear a women vest without looking old

Listen to your body and consider what needs to be concealed and what features should be highlighted. For example, if you have a modest height, avoid opting for an oversized vest as it may overwhelm your frame, making you appear swallowed up in fabric and shortening your legs. Instead, choose vests that hit at hip length. Conversely, if you have a slender and tall figure, feel free to indulge in oversized vests.

Choosing overly elaborate accessories

How to wear a women vest without looking old

If you’ve already chosen a vest as a focal point for your outfit, adding overly elaborate accessories can easily overwhelm the look and distract others. Therefore, when selecting accessories to accompany the vest, simpler is better. The perfect choice would be opting for a sleek watch or delicate earrings. This will elevate your appearance significantly.

Rigid in styling choices

Being too rigid in outfit combinations with a vest is also a reason why you might appear noticeably older. So, How to wear a women vest without looking old? Typically, women tend to opt for traditional vest styles in black tones. However, if you want to maintain your freshness and chicness, try not to confine yourself too much within that dull framework.

How to wear a women vest without looking old

Fashion is constantly evolving, with new designs, styles, patterns, and colors emerging. That’s why I suggest you separate yourself from the usual black vests and experiment. Instead, dare to innovate with brighter colors like red, yellow, green, and more.

Trust in LANA, this will undoubtedly bring you a completely fresh style, not only eliminating the feeling of aging when wearing a vest but also making you look much younger and more dynamic.

Saving costs when purchasing a vest

If you want to know How to wear a women vest without looking old, you must understand this crucial point. Never think about buying a low-quality vest just for the sake of it. It’s better not to wear a vest at all than to wear one of poor quality. Purchasing a low-quality vest not only wastes your money but also makes you look several years older when you wear it.

How to wear a women vest without looking old

So, don’t hesitate to invest a reasonable amount of money in purchasing a vest made of high-quality fabric, carefully tailored down to every stitch. It’s precise to every measurement of your body. That way, even if you spend a bit more, it’s well worth it, isn’t it?

Some ways to mix and match outfits with a youthful and dynamic vest

Now that you’ve learned how to choose a vest and some things to avoid when wearing one to avoid looking old, as MARC mentioned above, below are some outfit mixing suggestions with a charming vest that will instantly captivate your gaze.

Wear a women’s vest with skinny jeans

One of the ways How to wear a women vest without looking old is to pair it with skinny jeans. This combination exudes dynamism, elegance, and utmost sophistication. Especially with this outfit, you can wear it anywhere. Whether you’re heading to work as a professional, a student on campus, or going out with friends or a date, it’s suitable for all occasions.

How to wear a women vest without looking old

Simply layering a spaghetti strap top or a fitted t-shirt underneath the vest, carrying a small handbag, and wearing a pair of high heels to accentuate your silhouette will complete your dazzling look. If you don’t believe it, give it a try.

Many girls opt for gentle pastel colors this year, but don’t overlook the trendy hues for an added touch of vibrancy and sophistication to your outfit.

Pairing a women’s vest with high-waisted shorts

In scorching summer days, high-waisted shorts are a must-have for casual strolls around town with friends, aren’t they? Pairing them with a women’s vest adds an extra touch of fabulousness. Comfortable yet stylish and dynamic, it’s the perfect combination for hot summer days. An outfit that’s both weather-appropriate and incredibly fashionable.

This outfit is perfect for both school, work, and leisure outings. It’s one of the favorite choices among many women for wearing a vest without looking old. Wearing this set, you’ll exude a strong sense of personality, dynamism, while maintaining elegance and gracefulness.

Especially with this fantastic set, you can pair it with sneakers for a sporty look or with high heels to accentuate your slender legs and add a bit of height. Don’t hesitate to try it out this summer.

How to wear a women vest without looking old with skirts or jumpsuits

Another way How to wear a women vest without looking old, which LANA wants to introduce to you in this article, is to pair it with a skirt or jumpsuit. When you wear a jumpsuit and layer a vest over it, you will look more sophisticated, elegant, and fashionable.

If you’re going on a first date and still don’t know what to wear to make a good impression, don’t forget about this outfit from LANA TAILOR. Apply it right away, and you won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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