Hoi An Tailors: Fulfill Your Wardrobe Dreams in this Historic Locale

Tailor in Hoi An

Hoi An Tailors is a beloved tradition, with its abundance of tailor shops catering to tourists. It promises an unforgettable experience during your visit to this ancient town. Amidst the serene charm of Hoi An Ancient Town, visitors not only revel in its tranquil beauty but also indulge in the art of tailoring. Within hours, you’ll emerge with a stunning, bespoke outfit, ready to wear and capture countless captivating moments in photos.

Discovering the Art of Tailor in Hoi An’s Ancient Town

Tailoring has been an integral part of Hoi An for over two decades, initially catering primarily to international tourists. Today, it has evolved into a hallmark of the ancient town, distinguishing it from any other destination. The process is remarkably efficient, with outfits completed within 3-4 hours from the moment measurements are taken.

Tailor in Hoi An
Many tourists prefer this method, ensuring they arrive in Hoi An Ancient Town already adorned in a bespoke ensemble

Alternatively, customers can opt for online ordering, providing measurements, fabric preferences, design specifications, and await the scheduled pickup. Many tourists prefer this method, ensuring they arrive in Hoi An Ancient Town already adorned in a bespoke ensemble.

According to local tailors, the total cost, including production and shipping, is often only half or two-thirds of what it would be in their home countries. This affordability has made “made in Hoi An” garments the preferred choice for countless foreign visitors. The USA’s Times magazine has even hailed Hoi An’s tailoring services as among the world’s swiftest and most economical.

Two Decades of Craftsmanship: Tracing the Evolution of Tailor in Hoi An

Hoi An’s tailoring heritage traces back to the ancient Silk Route, where skills were passed down through generations within families. Despite the rich tradition, periods of conflict in Vietnam resulted in limited tourism to the region.

Tailor in Hoi An
Visitors often made only one trip to Vietnam, leading to few repeat customers for tailors

Around two decades ago, however, a significant shift occurred as tourists began flocking to Vietnam to immerse themselves in its unique culture and breathtaking landscapes. Despite the surge in visitors, tailoring in Hoi An had yet to establish itself as the thriving industry it is today. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, the quality of tailoring varied widely, with no online platforms or social media to serve as referral sources. Visitors often made only one trip to Vietnam, leading to few repeat customers for tailors.

Fascinating Insights into the Tailoring Scene of Hoi An

The history of tailor in Hoi An

For centuries, traditional tailoring has been an integral part of Hoi An’s history. As a prominent trading port on the Silk Road, Hoi An attracted artisans and skilled tailors who catered to the varied preferences of international traders. The prominence and prestige of tailoring in Hoi An surged notably in 2006, coinciding with Time magazine’s recognition of Hoi An’s tailoring services for their exceptional speed and affordability.

Tailor in Hoi An

Today, the rich tradition of Hoi An Tailors, with an abundance of tailor shops offering bespoke clothing tailored to individual measurements. This profession remains an integral part of the town’s heritage, commemorated annually on December 12th. In the early 20th century, tailoring in Hoi An was characterized by small-scale operations infused with familial traditions, with notable names such as Tran Nan, Le Ai, Do Mau, and Nguyen Sung. Despite the evolution of fashion preferences and the rise of established brands for ao dai and suits, the tailoring industry in Hoi An remains steadfast, offering tourists a range of available models to purchase or customize as cherished souvenirs.

Craftsmanship, Affordability, and Timely Service: The Pillars of Hoi An Tailoring

The quality of services tailor in Hoi An can vary depending on the specific tailor or shop you choose. Generally, more established and reputable tailors tend to command higher prices, reflecting the superior craftsmanship and use of premium materials.

Tailor in Hoi An
The quality of tailoring services in Hoi An can vary depending on the specific tailor or shop you choose

Tailoring prices in Hoi An are generally reasonable, with costs primarily determined by the tailor and the type of fabric selected. For instance, a shirt, skirt, or ao dai typically ranges around $20.45 USD per set, while a suit from Hoi An tailors may cost approximately $69.52 USD per set. However, opting for well-known tailors in Hoi An may entail higher prices, as they often utilize high-quality fabrics and advanced techniques. Prices from such establishments can range from $110 USD to over $308.20 USD, although many shops offer discounts for bulk orders.

Most Hoi An tailors can complete garments within 24 to 48 hours, with some even offering expedited services, such as simple suits being finished in as little as 3-5 hours. Alternatively, you can also place orders online by providing measurements, fabric preferences, and design specifications, and then collecting the finished garments at the appointed time. Many tourists find this method convenient, ensuring they have a new outfit ready upon arrival in Hoi An Ancient Town.

The Impact of the Internet on Hoi An’s Tailoring Industry

As the internet supplanted the well-worn Lonely Planet guides, Hoi An’s tailors faced increasing pressure to elevate their craft, resulting in the high standards prevalent today. With online reviews becoming paramount, tailors who neglected customer satisfaction or quality began to fade into obscurity.

Tailor in Hoi An
The internet supplanted the well-worn Lonely Planet guides

In the past five years alone, the quality of Hoi An tailors has surged to such an extent that it now rivals renowned destinations like Hong Kong and Bangkok for custom-made garments. Many attest that Vietnam’s quaint yellow city outshines its competitors in both quality and affordability.

Moreover, significant strides in quality owe much to recent investments by prominent tailors, who have acquired state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. As a result, customer service levels now mirror the exceptional quality of the garments produced.

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Exploring the Three Primary Types of Tailoring Establishments in Hoi An

Tailor shops in Hoi An can be categorized into three main types: firstly, the four prominent establishments that have multiple outlets across the city. Secondly, the smaller “shophouse” style stores that dot the streets, and lastly, the stalls at the cloth market in Hoi An. Each of these categories provides a distinct tailoring experience with diverse outcomes.

On-Site Tailors

Only a select few of the larger tailor shops in Hoi An boast on-site tailors. Opting for their services ensures that quality isn’t compromised for speed. Any necessary alterations are promptly addressed at the shop, minimizing any inconvenience to your vacation time. While turnaround times vary among tailors, the standard timeframe for a suit is typically 24 hours. Expedited services may compromise quality, so it’s advisable to allow sufficient time for the tailoring process. In some cases, if you visit early in the day for a shirt or suit, a fitting later that same day might be feasible.

Tailor in Hoi An

The efficiency of larger tailors stems from their dedicated teams of expert tailors, each specializing in specific garment types. This specialization enables them to produce suits of exceptional quality within tight timelines.

However, there are also advantages to patronizing smaller tailors. These establishments often offer more competitive prices compared to their larger counterparts. Yet, it’s essential to exercise caution; while initial costs may be lower, consider whether these smaller shops provide lasting value. A seemingly economical option could prove costly in the long run if the quality falters and there’s a lack of after-sales service.

Hoi An Tailoring: Direct Tailors or Intermediaries?

The majority of tailor shops in Hoi An operate without on-site tailors. Only a select few establishments have their own skilled tailors. Here’s the breakdown:

Tailor in Hoi An

Many of the smaller tailor shops scattered across Hoi An are essentially storefronts where your measurements are taken. These measurements are then forwarded to individuals with sewing machines, often friends or acquaintances. The person measuring you likely won’t directly participate in crafting your garment. This indirect process can result in communication breakdowns, overlooked adjustments, and missed details.

In contrast, shops with in-house tailors typically deliver a superior final product. Alterations are swiftly executed in-house, avoiding delays associated with sending garments off-site. Additionally, establishments with on-site tailors are more inclined to maintain rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that each custom-made piece meets high standards.

What Custom Creations Await You in Tailoring?

Shirts and suits reign supreme among the offerings of most Hoi An tailors. Business professionals often find tailored suits of exceptional quality at a fraction of the cost compared to their home countries. Additionally, larger tailor shops excel in crafting a diverse range of garments, including ball gowns, jumpsuits, blouses, cocktail dresses, and even wedding dresses. Simply bring in a photo of your desired designer piece, and watch it come to life at a fraction of the original price!

Tailor in Hoi An
What Custom Creations Await You in Tailoring?

Pro tip: Streamline your tailoring experience by reaching out to tailors via email beforehand. Inquire about pricing, fabric options, turnaround times, and additional services to ensure a smooth process upon your arrival in Hoi An.

However, it’s worth noting that items like T-shirts and board shorts aren’t typically recommended for tailoring. Ready-made options available at markets and stores tend to be more cost-effective.

Ultimately, the possibilities in tailoring are limited only by your time, budget, and creativity.


Determining your budget for a garment is crucial for efficiently navigating the multitude of Hoi An tailors. For budget-conscious travelers, marketplace tailors offer the most economical option for crafting custom pieces. Conversely, established Hoi An tailors command higher prices, justified by their reputation for quality craftsmanship. If maximizing the value of every dollar is your priority, heading to the market is the way to go.

Tailor in Hoi An

However, if you seek top-notch quality on a tight budget, exploring cost-saving strategies is advisable. Many larger shops boast extensive fabric selections, ranging from budget-friendly options at $120 USD per suit to premium fabrics exceeding $300 USD. Moreover, discounts are often available for bulk orders.

While tales of tailoring mishaps abound online, the majority of issues can be mitigated by investing a bit more money and time at a tailor renowned for superior services and stringent quality control measures.

Before Choosing a Tailor in Hoi An

Hoi An boasts more than 200 tailor shops, predominantly clustered within the Old Town. Given this abundance of options, thorough research is essential. At the upper echelon of the market, you’ll find a handful of larger stores renowned for their quality and prestige. Following them are numerous mid-sized tailor shops, each offering varying levels of quality and service. Lastly, there’s the bustling fabric market, where you can explore an extensive array of fabrics to bring your custom creations to life.

Hoi An Tailoring Research and Customer Reviews 

Your first step in researching tailor in Hoi An should be online search and websites.

Start with a quick Google search for “Tailor in Hoi An” to gauge what people are saying about various tailors. There are numerous guides available online to help you navigate the options.

Tailor in Hoi An

Before your visit, take the time to explore tailor websites and reach out to them. Engage in conversation to assess how well they align with your needs. Don’t forget to read their online reviews, paying attention to how they address negative feedback. Additionally, seek out independent blogs for firsthand accounts and insights.

Best Tailor in Hoi An – Lana Tailor

Lana Tailor stands out as a boutique offering a fusion of contemporary and timeless designer apparel. If you seek exquisite garments tailored to perfection without breaking the bank, look no further than this establishment nestled in Hoi An. While predominantly catering to the feminine wardrobe, Tailor Lana’s warm hospitality ensures a delightful shopping venture, leaving a lasting impression.

Tailor in Hoi An
Lana Tailor stands out as a boutique offering a fusion of contemporary and timeless designer apparel

Location: 90 Le Loi Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province

Telephone: (+84) 510 2212 240

Operating Hours: 9:00 a.m – 9:00 p.m


As we near the conclusion of our quest to uncover Hoi An’s premier tailors, we reflect on an enchanting journey. Amidst the lively streets and concealed treasures of this sartorial haven, we’ve immersed ourselves in a rich tapestry of skill, fervor, and individual expression. From the alluring array curated by Lana Tailor to the enduring customs ingrained in this vibrant town, we’ve experienced firsthand the alchemy that occurs when talent and vision intertwine. Though the pursuit of the perfect bespoke attire may feel daunting, take heart, for Hoi An’s artisans await eagerly, poised to drape you in unparalleled elegance.

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