Top 4 double breasted vest showcasing elegance and sophistication

double breasted vest

The vest is a familiar item for gentlemen, bringing about an aura of sophistication, seriousness, and masculinity. Nowadays, there is a plethora of vest designs on the market for men to choose from according to their preferences and needs. However, we cannot overlook the double breasted vest.

So, what are double breasted vest for men? Which designs are the most beautiful and elegant ones available today? Let’s explore these questions together with LANA TAILOR in the following article.”

What is a double breasted vest?

A double breasted vest is characterized by two parallel rows of buttons. Typically, it will feature at least 2, 4 to 6, or even 8 buttons, accompanied by a design with two front flaps overlapping each other. The number of buttons often signifies the level of sophistication of the vest.

double breasted vest
A double breasted vest is characterized by two parallel rows of buttons

You may often encounter symbols like 6 × 1, 6 × 2, 6 × 3, or 6 × 4, which are used to describe the structure of a double breasted vest. The first number represents the total number of buttons on the vest, and the second number indicates the number of functioning buttons on the garment.

The prominent features of double breasted vest

It has a pointed lapel

With double breasted vest, it’s challenging to clearly discern the smooth or K-shaped lapel. The design of these two types of lapels can be difficult to harmonize with the overall outfit. A pointed lapel with a wide base and a significant slope accentuates the chest and the wearer’s facial structure.

double breasted vest

Unlike single-button designs, the endpoints of the two-button double breasted vest are positioned at the waistline. This means not all of one side’s lapel is visible. Therefore, only the pointed lapel style meets the requirements for surface area and width, enhancing the prominence of a gentleman’s chest. The chest area of the vest is often paired with two faux buttons, hence the use of pointed lapels aims to create symmetry along the outer edge of the lapel.

A wide tie is the best choice

The design of a double breasted vest is typically associated with a pointed lapel, hence opting for a wide tie would be the best choice for the wearer. This type of tie exudes maturity and sophistication for gentlemen.

Although just an accessory, if not used correctly, it can ruin your entire outfit, making you look much less appealing.

A gilet is not strictly necessary

Unlike the single-button vest design, a double breasted vest design requires the wearer not to unbutton the garment to maintain their appearance perfectly. Therefore, if the weather is not too cold, you may not need to use a gilet. Sometimes, wearing a gilet can make you feel bulky and may not accentuate the waistline if your body shape lacks balance.

double breasted vest

However, for tall and slender gentlemen, a gilet can be an effective solution to complement this type of outerwear. This style can enhance the wearer’s physique, making them appear fuller and more masculine. For those with broad shoulders, wearing a gilet can emphasize their shoulder line, creating a balanced and robust look.

The most beautiful and elegant double-breasted men’s vest designs available today

Men’s double breasted vest

double breasted vest

This is the least common type of double-breasted vest among all styles. This type is also referred to as a 2×1 double-breasted men’s vest, meaning it has 2 buttons with only 1 functional button for fastening.

Men’s double breastes vest with 4 button fastening

This could be considered the most popular style of double-breasted men’s vest, chosen for its combination of elegance and sophistication without being overly elaborate or ornate.

double breasted vest
Men’s double breastes vest with 4 button fastening

When wearing this type of 4-button vest, gentlemen should pay attention to the buttoning rule: always fasten the top two buttons, and leave the bottom button on the inner flap unbuttoned. This hidden button serves to secure the vest flaps, preventing them from wrinkling or shifting during movement.

The 4-button double-breasted men’s vest is often chosen for relatively formal occasions such as weddings, major events, or important conferences. Gentlemen should select accessories like ties, lapel pins, leather shoes, etc., to complement the outfit perfectly, ensuring a polished and refined appearance.

Men’s double breastes vest with 6 button fastening

This style of vest is quite similar to the 4-button fastening vest, but it adds two additional buttons on the upper part for decorative purposes, adding more emphasis to the garment. The buttoning rule for this type of vest is similar to the 4-button version: the top row of buttons is purely decorative, so there’s no need to fasten them, while the middle row and bottom row have functional buttons.

double breasted vest
Men’s double breastes vest with 6 button fastening

The design of the double breasted vest with 6 button fastening is characterized by a snug waist and a prominent shoulder line, which may be less forgiving and could accentuate any flaws. If you have a slender build, you may consider wearing a gilet underneath to create a more balanced silhouette. However, if you have a fuller figure, this type of vest may not be the most flattering choice for you, as it could potentially detract from your appearance.

Men’s double breastes vest with 8 button fastening

This could be considered the most elegant and elaborate style of double breasted vest with 8 button fastening, representing the traditional version of the 2-button vest model. This type of vest is typically designed with 6 buttons divided into 2 parallel rows, along with 2 additional buttons placed higher and angled towards each side to create focal points.

Due to its formal and intricate nature, this vest style is not commonly worn and overly favored at present. However, it exudes a sense of sophistication and aristocracy. Those who can pull off this vest style will undoubtedly appear incredibly authoritative, elegant, and epitomize gentlemanly sophistication.


Above are the compiled designs of elegant, sophisticated, and high-class double breasted vest that gentlemen cannot overlook. Choose the styles that suit you best to achieve a refined, masculine, and irresistible appearance.

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