Bespoke tailor in hoi an For Beautiful Cheap Clothes 2024

Bespoke tailor in hoi an

While in Vietnam, seize the amazing chance to have exquisite garments crafted by best cheap tailor in hoi an.

Lana tailor, Bespoke tailor in Hoi An

For many of us, having impeccably tailored clothing seems financially out of reach. In the UK, a custom formal dress can easily begin at £100, exclusive of fabric expenses, frequent fittings, or additional embellishments!

Bespoke tailor in hoi an
Lana tailor, Bespoke tailor in Hoi An

Lana tailor shop In Vietnam, Bespoke tailor in hoi an, the expenses associated with clothing production are significantly lower; however, the resulting items often maintain exceptional quality.

Our Experience With Lana Tailor

Situated on the bustling main street of Hoi An’s Old Town, Lana Tailor stands out as an ideal destination for personalized clothing. Positioned at the street’s apex, it’s unmistakable—a significant advantage considering the plethora of tailor shops in Hoi An, where navigating can be bewildering.

Bespoke tailor in hoi an
Lana Tailor stands out as an ideal destination for personalized clothing

Our initial stop at a Hoi An tailor left me somewhat disheartened as their design book lacked appealing dress options. However, enter Lana Tailor!

As we continued our search, it became evident that the team at Lana Tailor epitomized flexibility, affordability, and patience—everything we were looking for!

When visiting a Hoi An tailors (or cloth shop, as they may be referred to), numerous factors demand consideration: cost, turnaround time, fitting accommodations, and, naturally, quality. Our encounter with Lana Tailor surpassed expectations in all these aspects, making them a highly recommended choice.


Certainly, affordability plays a significant role in selecting the right tailor in Hoi An. The allure of obtaining bespoke clothing in Vietnam lies in its cost-effectiveness compared to purchases made back home, making it an essential consideration when placing orders.

Thankfully, the garments you commission are likely to be far more economical than most items you’ve previously purchased. While you might be tempted by the abundance of options from retailers like Pretty Little Thing or SHEIN, it’s important to acknowledge that such mass-produced garments often lack durability and personalized fit, qualities inherent in tailored pieces.

Bespoke tailor in hoi an

At Lana Tailor, dress prices span from as little as $15 for a simple design to approximately $70 for more elaborate creations. For a three-piece suit, prices can range from $80 to $200. Notably, these prices encompass all materials (fabric, zippers, buttons, etc.) and fittings. Mimi and Tuyền, the skilled tailors at Lana Tailor, dedicate themselves to ensuring your complete satisfaction before you leave their shop.


I highly recommend visiting Lana Tailor early during your stay in Hoi An. Their remarkable efficiency ensures swift production turnaround—should you have a clear idea of what you want, even relatively simple garments can be ready in just a few hours!

However, for those with discerning tastes (like myself, and that’s perfectly alright, considering these clothes are tailored to fit you like nothing else ever has), it’s prudent to allocate a few extra days in case additional adjustments are needed.

Because Lana Tailor specializes in fully bespoke items, investing time in planning your preferences is essential. You can either bring your own designs for the tailors to review or peruse Pinterest on their tablet. The latter option is particularly convenient, offering endless inspiration as the app suggests similar styles once you’ve found one you like.

Bespoke tailor in hoi an

I spent a good two hours exploring various styles, colors, and fabrics. Since I intend to wear my dresses to two different weddings next year, getting the designs just right was paramount.

Allocate ample time to ensure perfection, but even with just 2 or 3 days, paying a visit to our preferred Hoi An tailor ensures they can craft something for you within your time constraints—it’s practically like witnessing magic!

For those with more flexibility in their schedule, a helpful tip is to begin shopping early in the day, preferably in the late afternoon or early evening. Many Hoi An tailor shops extend their operating hours until around 9 pm, allowing you to explore their offerings comfortably without being affected by the scorching heat. I found our fittings at 6 pm much more enjoyable than our initial visit at noon! Opting for off-peak hours also means fewer customers, allowing your tailors to devote undivided attention to your needs.


Bespoke tailor in hoi an

Your Hoi An tailor will take your measurements initially, but this serves merely as a baseline for your body shape and size—typically, a second fitting is necessary to fine-tune the outfit.

Don’t hesitate to communicate any discomfort or change of preferences to your Hoi An tailor.


What You Can Anticipate from Your Hoi An Tailor


When you step into a tailor shop in Hoi An, you should be greeted by a plethora of fabrics, patterns, and designs. A reputable establishment will eagerly showcase their offerings, so it’s a concerning sign if everything seems hidden away.

Bespoke tailor in hoi an
When you step into a tailor shop in Hoi An, you should be greeted by a plethora of fabrics, patterns, and designs

At Lana Tailor, they even have another shop on the same road with an extensive selection of materials. When I struggled to decide, Staff kindly offered to take me to their warehouse for an even wider array of options. Though I ultimately found the perfect fabric in-store, it’s reassuring to know that such flexibility exists.

Most shops display their best pieces on mannequins outside and throughout the shop. Take your time to examine these, as they provide insight into the quality you can expect from the establishment.

The Design and Quality of Ready-Made Garments

One of the standout aspects of Lana Tailor was their comprehensive range of materials. Staff dedicated ample time to assist me, draping fabric after fabric over me to demonstrate how they felt, looked, and fit on my body.


Reviews serve as valuable insights, particularly for tailor shops, where individual preferences, budgets, and expectations vary widely. While they offer subjective perspectives, they generally provide reliable indicators of product quality and expected customer service.

Navigating through numerous reviews for Hoi An tailors can be daunting, given the abundance of options. A helpful approach is to focus on those with ratings of 5 stars or higher, given the competitive market ensures a threshold of quality among such establishments.

When assessing reviews, pay close attention to any feedback regarding product quality from Hoi An tailors. Given the logistical challenges of returning for refunds post-travel, it’s crucial to avoid shops with reported issues of garments deteriorating prematurely.

Lana Tailor stands out from the crowd

Lana Tailor is the premier destination for intricate and sophisticated creations. Whether your design is adorned with ruffles, multiple layers of fabric, sequins, beadwork, or embroidery, Lana Tailor possesses the expertise and finesse to bring your vision to life. Our craftsmanship embodies the essence of Hoi An artisans and the local cultural heritage, infusing each garment with soul and distinctive beauty.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Lana Tailor, driving us to continually strive for excellence. This commitment ensures that every creation from Lana Tailor exudes a unique charm and distinctive style.

Our dedication to quality extends to our curated selection of fabrics, featuring the finest silks, cottons, cashmeres, and top-tier wools—all exclusively available at Lana Tailor.

In addition to our bespoke services, Lana Tailor collaborates with renowned designers annually to introduce fresh collections. Furthermore, we now cater to the ready-to-wear apparel market, accommodating customers who seek impeccable craftsmanship without the wait for tailored garments.

At Lana Tailor, you experience a sense of belonging and comfort

There’s no pressure to make additional purchases at Lana Tailor. You’re given the space and time to explore our wide array of models and fabrics at your own pace. Our knowledgeable and skilled team is on hand to assist you in finding the perfect fit for you.

Lana Tailor stands out in Hoi An by leveraging modern technology, including 3D full-body scanners, to capture all necessary measurements for any garment. This innovative approach means you can place orders for new items even after returning home from Vietnam, including styles you may not have initially considered. Your measurements are securely stored for over five years, ensuring that whenever inspiration strikes, we can seamlessly turn your ideas into stunning fashion pieces.

The process unfolds in five simple steps

At Lana Tailor, our tailors possess unparalleled expertise, capable of bringing to life any garment you envision. Whether it’s the latest Parisian runway trends, fantastical designs inspired by your favorite fantasy or sci-fi films, echoes of ancient Japanese aesthetics, or the intricate allure of steampunk, we can turn your dreams into reality. From suits and ball gowns to wedding dresses, winter coats, pyjamas, hats, and beyond, the possibilities are endless. We can even accommodate special requests for ties and bow-ties.

When you visit us, you’ll be paired with a dedicated team member for personalized attention and seamless communication.

Choose your model

Bring in the original item if possible, or provide reference pictures. Explore our extensive displays and catalogues, and share your preferences and ideas for a garment tailored to your shape and personality.

Select fabric type and color

With the highest quality and selection of fabrics in town, including unique finds curated by our owner, our staff will guide you through choosing the perfect materials to bring your vision to life.


Our staff will take precise measurements, which will be passed on to our team of over 300 skilled tailors who will craft your designs.


Depending on the complexity of your garment, you’ll have one or two additional fittings within 24 – 48 hours to ensure the perfect fit and showcase you in the best possible light.

Pick up

Once the final fittings are complete, you can pay and take your purchase home, or we can arrange delivery to your hotel.

Discover the unmatched quality and affordability of bespoke clothing at Lana Tailor, and you’ll be a lifelong fan.


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